El objetivo es formar profesionales en la configuración e implementación del módulo de HR con un total de 100 hs de capacitación remota.

Con las Academias SAP, usted tendrá la oportunidad de aprovechar su tiempo para adquirir conocimientos que le permitan mejorar sus capacidades para ser más competitivo en el mundo laboral.

Contenido del curso:

THR10 Management & Administration I

  • Overview of mySAP Business Suite
  • mySAP ERP HCM overview:
    • Navigation and structures in human resources
    • Employee Self-Service, Manager’s Desktop
    • Personnel Administration, Time Management
    • Reporting tools for human resources
    • Recruitment, personnel development
    • Personnel cost planning
    • Training and Event Management
    • Preview:Travel Management & Planning
  • Configuration of human resources master data:
    • Enterprise, personnel and organizational structure
    • Default values and features
    • Payroll data: pay scale and wage type structure
    • Pay scale reclassification and increase
    • Work flows and user interfaces: such as screen modification, setting up personnel actions
    • Management of global employees
  • Authorizations in human resources:
    • Setting up general authorization checks
    • Structural authorization checks
  • Mini case study

HR12 Management & Administration II

  • Organization of Payroll:
    • Payroll procedure, retroactive accounting recognition
    • Payroll reports
    • Transfer to accounting, bank transfers and payment
  • Configuration of Time Management:
    • Overview of Time Management and its integration with other applications
    • Work schedule concept and planned working time specification
    • Attendances, absences and their payments
    • Time quotas and their deductions
    • Time Manager’s Workplace (TMW)
  • Organizational Management:
    • Concept and customizing of Organizational Management
    • Maintenance of organizational structure, matrix organization and structures in general
    • Reporting and reporting tools
    • Manager’s Desktop and Manager Self Service (Enterprise Portal)
    • Integration with other HR components
  • Reporting in human resources:
    • Information systems
    • Ad hoc query
    • SAP Query
    • Payroll infotypes and simulated infotypes of Time Management
    • Human resources in Business Information Warehouse
  • Overview of SAP Solution Manager
  • Review and certification preparation